Portfolio > "Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011 (Click image to see full gallery)

Traditional tattoo design on vintage gloves
"Our Gay Boys Miss Placed"
acrylic and ink on vintage gloves, wood and steel frame wood and steel frame

We project ideals of masculinity upon the soldier. He should be tough, he should be brave, and he should be handsome. He is our cultural archetype of a hero. These masculine ideals are reflected in the macho images used in military tattoo. I am particularly intrigued by these sailors’ tattoos. Clipper ships stand with erect mast on a courageous voyage home. The bald eagle with its talons spread is an aggressive predator. The stars and stripes symbolizing a homeland where a sweetheart waits piously until her hero comes home. These are ideals I look to twist and distort in a search for an authentic voice. For instance I use terms like “slut” and “whore” over aggressively
feminine pin-ups, I use terms like “faggot” or “sissy” in banners with images of sailors and boxer boys with rosy lips and cheeks.

These gloves are all vintage, each unique and often showing signs of wear. I do not sell them as wearable fashion items but paintings that are on gloves. They hang on the wall via magnets and steel inserts or custom made shadow box frames. For prices and availability please contact Packer Schopf Gallery: Packergallery.com