Portfolio > "Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011 (Click image to see full gallery)

vintage leather gloves with  pin up traditional tattoo images
"Scar Belt Momma"
acrylic and ink on vintage gloves, wood and steel frame

I love to create new personalized meanings through twisting and blending traditional tattoo symbols. I’m fascinated by building on an older style- like the pin-up girl- who many say was perfected by Sailor Jerry, who mixed skull, danger and snake motifs together with a busty beauty. He combined both masculine and feminine icons to create pinups that were bordering on dangerous (“Man’s Ruin” was a common banner placed across an ample butt). I like to push this hybrid pinup one step further and draw deeper, darker, more overtly sexual figures evoking a dark goddess figure. These ladies embody the attributes of a Sheela-Na-Gig of ancient Ireland, Ishtar of Mesopotamia, Isis of Egypt and Inanna of Summeria. The goddesses are life-givers and life-destroyers- not merely sexual toys.

I am also heavily influenced by punk rock feminism and the Riot Grrl movement. There exists an aggression and anger in my pin-ups that also reflects these principles, as well as from my own personal experiences. I was such a shy soft-spoken “good” girl reared on Midwestern 80’s pop culture. But what I was drawn to as an adolescent- the freak scene, the art kids, the queers, and losers- put me on the outside of “normal” in my Kansas hometown. The music and DIY aesthetics of bands like Hole, Bikini Kill, and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black gave me courage to carry on. I still tap this vein of emotion when drawing my pin-ups. They dare you to call them a bitch…

Please note these are not wearable. Custom metal and wood frames create a perfect way to display these unique art pieces. See "Frames" for examples.