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Traditional biker style tattoos on vintage gloves
"Satan's chick"
acrylic and ink on vintage gloves, wood and steel frame

"Satan's Chick" is a pair of gloves that explore the contrast between biker tattoo and long debutante gloves. Debutant gloves are worn at debutant balls where girls of a particular social standing "come out" to society. These debutant balls are traditionally the first time a girl is allowed to date and are introduced to eligible young men (of equally high status). The gloves are symbols of their status and "purity" aka virginity. In contrast a biker tattoo is the ultimate symbol of sexual freedom and cultural rebellion. Typically worn by men to associate themselves within a biker gang and to express their outlaw status to the culture at large.
The combination of these two traditions is my attempt at an authentic feminine expression. An image vocabulary that is neither male or female, traditional or radical. But a balance of both that I feel I inhabit as a modern woman.

These gloves are all vintage, each unique and often showing signs of wear. I do not sell them as wearable fashion items but paintings that are on gloves. They hang on the wall via magnets and steel inserts or custom made shadow box frames. For prices and availability please contact Packer Schopf Gallery: Packergallery.com