Portfolio > "Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011 (Click image to see full gallery)

Traditional tattoo design of pinups on vintage gloves
"Miss Taken Miss Placed"
Ink and acrylic on vintage gloves, wood and steel frame

The gloves I use for my work are from the 1900s-1960s. Gloves from this era were still an item that was worn by women to weddings, funerals and formal dances as a symbol of good breeding, chastity and humility. When wearing gloves, objects are not touched, there is a barrier to experience. The tattoo in contrast is a symbol of ultimate freedom and power and an acknowledgment of the flesh and all its desires. A symbol of singularity and rebellion. Together these two elements combine to express uniquely feminine modern narratives.

These gloves are all vintage, each unique and often showing signs of wear. I do not sell them as wearable fashion items but paintings that are on gloves. They hang on the wall via magnets and steel inserts or custom made shadow box frames. For prices and availability please contact Packer Schopf Gallery: Packergallery.com