Portfolio > "Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011 (Click image to see full gallery)

Kewpie doll tattoo theme painted on vintage women's gloves with flowers crosses and garlands
"Little Man, Little Whore"
acrylic on vintage gloves, wax and custom steel table

Kewpie was a character created by Rose O'Neil for Lady's Home journal in the early 1900's. Its name was a take on cupid or eros, the god of love. Kewpies impish smile and round belly came to full pop culture saturation as an image that sold everything from Jello to Kodak cameras. Tattoo flash sheets of the early 1900's featured them predominately but by the 1950's they were thought of as old fashion. (Think of a similar pop culture images of bugs bunny and tasmanian devil who have fallen from flash grace.)
Besides a predictable cute cupid theme, many of the tattoo images of Kewpie show it in manly western get-ups, holding guns as if a boy playing at being a man. In my designs for Little whore little man I played on those "manly" Kewpies and made an equally aggressive feminine. She doesn't have a gun but she's got buns. Her sexuality is her weapon and her slur (whore). In comparison the male Kewpie (playing at a mans game of aggression) is allowed to be a man, there is no slur to his power. More about Kewpies can be found at:

These gloves are all vintage, each unique and often showing signs of wear. I do not sell them as wearable fashion items but paintings that are on gloves. They hang on the wall via magnets and steel inserts or custom made shadow box frames. For prices and availability please contact Packer Schopf Gallery: Packergallery.com