Portfolio > "Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011 (Click image to see full gallery)

mom tattoo with leopard pin-up girl words on knuckles, tears,boobs, and scallop detail on leather gloves
"Mom's Tear's"
acrylic on vintage gloves

There is nothing more classic than a vintage "mom" tattoo. A heart with a banner, a flower, possibly a bird. The Mother represented by such a tattoo is an idealized image of mother; a sweet saint/child that was a domestic slave without complaint. She is Mother Theresa, the Virgin Mary and Betty Crocker all in one. It is her unselfish dedication that prompts her memorial via tattoo on her son who takes her icon into the world. A larger world that she herself does not inhabit. This idealized mother is still a constant image in advertising and popular culture. Still exerting guilt pressure and idealized forms that no human can achieve. She is our constant barometer for failure. This glove pair is in response to feelings of failure, guilt and anger within the role of motherhood. These feelings are culturally shamed and therefore not symbolically represented except in the most grotesque forms such as Medusa the child killer or Lilith the whore.