Ellen Greene
"Miss America""Somebody, Anybody""Love Scar""I Could Not Save You""God Is…""Free Girl""Girl Love""Don't Tell""Boy, Home""Incubi Succubi""Mom's Tear's""Scar Belt Momma""Omi Wise""LYLAS Baby Doll""Mother's Milk My Girl""Satan's chick""Little Man, Little Whore""Hell Bent""Slut Doll""Our Gay Boys Miss Placed""Wish You Were Here""Hold Tight Anyone""Miss Taken  Miss Placed""American Boys""Snake Girls""Jaguar Mama"
"Ballad of the Tattooed Lady" Firecat Gallery Chicago IL 2011

This series of work is titled “Ballad of the Tattooed Lady” and was originally shown as a solo show in Chicago 2011 at Firecat Gallery. This is literally a body of work, where each pair of gloves becomes a metaphor for a feminine body and each is decorated with unique tattoo narrative. I enjoy how the gloves and tattoos contrast each other in their cultural connotations. Ladies gloves being a high form of privilege fashion while tattoos historically has been a rough, low class and masculine form of bodily expression. This tension calls into question the cultural constructs of masculine and feminine bodies and how images in the tattoo vocabulary enforce those forms.

These gloves are all vintage, each unique and often showing signs of wear. I do not sell them as wearable fashion items but paintings that are on gloves. They hang on the wall via magnets and steel inserts or custom made shadow box frames. For prices and availability please contact Packer Schopf Gallery: Packergallery.com