Portfolio > Invisible Mother's Milk: 2012 gloves, drawings and photographs

"Invisible Mother's Milk" solo show at Packer Schopf Gallery 2012

"Invisible Mother's Milk" was a body of work made during 2011-2012. This work began with research into what seems like disparate visual expressions, everything from tattoo, fashion, vintage photography and comparative mythology. I was looking for representations of motherhood and wether those images aligned with a personal truth that grew out of experiencing motherhood. The end result is exhibition with a mash up aesthetic. Photographs, painted vintage gloves, fabric, paper, and wax all created new representations that expresses my experiences as a wife, mother, an artist, a rebel and a tattooed woman.

Through habits of antique collecting that were formed in vintage stores and thrift shops of the midwest, I began accumulating vintage photographs of "invisible mothers" and vintage women's gloves, and other bits of feminine ephemera.  Each object spoke to me about the social construct of a "good" mother and her attributes. The "good" mother or the "cult of domesticity and true womanhood" a

My work can be purchased through Packer-Schopf Gallery in Chicago Packer Schopf Gallery and at Yard Dog Gallery in Austin Yard Dog Gallery