PORTFOLIO > Ballad of the Tattooed Lady: 2011, gloves and works on paper

textile artwork, mixed media,vintage leather gloves with tattoo designs, fine art, outsider art, folk art
"God Is…"
acrylic on vintage gloves

God and spirituality is a topic I love to learn about, read and discuss. I spend time reading about a variety of historical and cultural perspectives and contemplating my own thoughts and feelings about the divine order of the world.

This piece speaks directly to my concept that God encompasses all things. Nothing exists outside the realm of God. The suffering of the world is created by human perception. We exist in bodies bound by culture and time with brains that tell a story overlaying the reality of the world. This judgmental mind, with all its prejudice and experience struggles against accepting the world just as it is, with its ebbs and flows, This pair of gloves seeks to express the beauty of the natural world in all its complexities just as it is.