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When Diesel first approached me to collaborate on a collection I was thrilled. Diesel has been a company that I feel embodies the renegade fashion aesthetic I am drawn to. I hope that the powerful imagery I have created for this collection sets people free- free of the conventions and rules and boundaries. I hope that the level of freedom and expression that I put into the tattoo inspired imagery transfers to the wearer and those who see it. I want it to be more than mere decoration.

People can be so afraid to try new things or live outside of their comfort zone. They think they will be alone or shamed. But by living out honest individual expression in fashion we actual form closer bonds with each other. I found so much solace in high school when I was brave enough to shave my head and wear black two things that were very very uncool in Kansas circa 1989- but that is who I wanted to be. I didn’t feel like everybody else and I was tired of lying about it with my fashion. When I finally expressed myself it drew others to me that were on that same wavelength. I was able to find people who felt and thought like me. Fashion has a way of bringing people together and I am deeply honored to be a part of that.

Diesel Collaboration statement (click here to read)