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            I am a seeker of my own internal equinox. A seeker of the light and dark balance within my psyche through an intuitive image making process grounded in collage, painting, hand embellished fiber works, and mixed media installation. I seek to create images/objects from my embodied experience as a struggled toward an authentic expression. Somewhere between the sweeping scope of a fairy tale and the intimacy of a diary, my mixed media work attempts to recenter myself as the hero of my own story.
         The creative process is elemental to who we are as humans. The historical physical record shows that art was in every form of early human civilizations across the globe. We are human we are part of creation and creators ourselves, each in our own unique ways. It is our modern life experiences particularly trauma that manifest as various illness in our mind and body. The protective response to trauma: the fight flight or freeze response also affects our creative capacities. To heal the self destructive cycles that trauma encodes in our bodies and minds, our creative selves must be activated through material exploration and through a supportive therapeutic relationship. It is my own lived experiences; including intergenerational trauma and recovery as well as working with hundreds of patients that I have seen the powerful potential that art therapy has to reconnect us to our elemental creative selves. My motto is: trust the process.

Soft object- material exploration on grief
digital collage on fabric
The Bridge
watercolor and oil pastel
Be Here Now
Grief Tree
mixed media installatin